Tuesday, December 19, 2023


People are still marveling at the answers given by three presidents of prominent universities before a committee of Congress. Specifically at their claiming their non-reaction to mass student anti-semitism made sense given the “context.” Let’s unpack what that context was and is.

First the fact that all three were women is no accident, but a direct bow to the DEI movement now widespread in academia. Second, since DEI is the name of the game, the schools have been structuring admissions to seek out and actively recruit exactly those faculty and students who are most likely to be DEI activists, complete with shoulder chips.

Add the financial incentive to admit students from the oil sheikdoms who can pay full fees, need no financial assistance, and may bring further donations to fund centers and endowed chairs to study Islam and the Middle East.

The same student behavior Congress finds objectionable, the DEI mavens find entirely appropriate. The presidents' dilemma is how to satisfy both masters. "Context" in this sense is shorthand for "You are getting what I was tasked to produce, and now you don't like it?"

In summary, the context they referred to was they were hired to intentionally create the powder kegs which they now manage and were thus loath to light matches.