Monday, December 4, 2023

Follow Up

Yesterday I touted you onto a column by Robert Kagan, and today it turns out he is the husband of a senior State Department official, a woman named Victoria Nuland, who is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs with the rank of Ambassador. At that level she is a Biden political appointee, no longer foreign service. 

Given her rank and the leftist political bias of the Washington Post, you have to think what he wrote is semi-official. And why wouldn't it be, it feeds the phony Trump-will-end-representative-government story line they are selling. 

I still think Kagan did a pretty good job of imagining all the bad stuff a winning Trump might try as president, except we probably only view some of it as bad. Some we'd like a lot, even if Kagan and his wife would hate it.

It is an ill wind that blows no man good. Trump, when inaugurated, will be a lame duck on day one, as he is all too aware. Expect him to be a virtual whirlwind in the first 100 days.