Thursday, December 7, 2023

A Passion for Persians

A couple of days ago I wrote we should treat the Iran-supported Houthi pirates as pirates have traditionally be served, hang 'em from the yardarm, and scuttle their boats. Today Jazz Shaw who writes at Hot Air floats a theory to explain our lack of action.

Shaw opines the reason we haven't returned violence for violence is Biden's continuing hope to conclude with Iran a non-treaty nuclear agreement. It's the agreement Iran-lover Barack Obama was trying to sign with the ayatollahs. 

Both Biden and Obama seem to have a passion for Persians. I wish they'd each buy a snub-nosed fluffy cat and leave foreign policy to people who share our national interests.

Later ... Ret. general Frank McKenzie, former commander of US forces in the Middle East, calls on President Biden to make a military response to the Houthi attacks on US and civilian ships in the Red Sea. Politico has the story.