Friday, December 8, 2023

That's One

The presidents of Harvard, MIT, and U of Pennsylvania testified Tuesday before the House Education Committee concerning anti-semetic and anti-Israel riots and demonstrations at their campuses following Oct. 7. The consensus is they seemed weak and wishy-washy. There wasn't a Sam Hayakawa in the bunch.

Calls for their resignations or firings have been widespread. Today the New York Post reports UPenn has asked president Liz Magill to resign. How long before the other two are gone? 

This could be a turning point for higher education, which has felt free to be as leftist, as anti-American and as culturally "out there" as they chose, with impunity. Perhaps the impunity is over. How about some faculty ideological "diversity?"

With a President DeSantis I bet we could make a good start on ending the impunity. He'd rearrange the consequences in a convincingly painful manner. Ask Disney about him, or FL higher ed.