Wednesday, December 20, 2023

DEI’s Downside

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason L. Riley posts a column headed “Why Harvard Can’t Fire Claudine Gay” wherein he covers much of the same ground that I did yesterday. Expect more of the same from other pundits, the facts are out there in plain sight for all to opine upon. His conclusion is nicely distilled.

Harvard’s dilemma illustrates a broader practical problem with racial-preference policies. Once you lower standards for hiring administrators or admitting students, you are forced to lower standards for evaluating their conduct and performance. For purposes of window dressing, people who have no business running elite institutions such as Harvard have been put in charge of people who have no business teaching or matriculating there. What could go wrong?

Gasp … the higher ed “emperor” stands revealed as unclothed. Plus Riley has an earlier quip I enjoyed, made at the expense of “liberal elites” whom he notes, “maintain that all black people not named Clarence Thomas are off-limits to criticism.”

BTW,  (1) Jason L. Riley is black. (2) Riley’s column is not behind the WSJ paywall.