Friday, December 22, 2023

Immigration, in One Sentence

Jamie Dupree quips about immigration in a column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

There is a distinct possibility that whatever Senate negotiators produce will be too much for many Democrats to swallow, and not enough for a lot of Republicans to accept.

Sadly, true. Senate Dems want to process all comers for amnesty and Senate GOPs want to close the border and stop the flood. What each wants the other views as "the problem." So neither gets done, and the flood continues unabated. The public sides with the GOP.


Don't be surprised if the 2024 election hinges on immigration. You could argue the 2016 election did, with the election of Trump and his advocacy of "The Wall." 

Then in 2020 immigration seemed under control and hence became a non-issue, Trump either lost or didn't win big enough to overwhelm Dem. election rigging.

Immigration is once more a problem in 2024, as it was in 2016. Trump's proven ability to get it under control will be a strong selling point, especially against Biden who has proved himself ineffective on border control.