Friday, December 8, 2023

Abandon Sainthood?

At his Liberal Patriot site, Ruy Teixeira writes some good stuff in the service of trying to move his Democrat Party back toward the center where he believes it belongs. Today's example:

Where is the popular front against Trumpism? If he is indeed as bad as most Democrats seem to believe—i.e., we’re one step away from fascism, it’s Weimar Germany 1932 all over again—shouldn’t Democrats be casting the net as wide as possible, compromising on anything and everything to make their party maximally accessible to persuadable voters? After all, we’ve got to stop fascism here!

But that’s not what’s happening. Despite their dire assessment of the threat posed by Trump, moves to compromise on contentious issues that persuadable voters care about are few and far between. Look what’s happening with the immigration issue. (snip) Democrats are evincing the greatest reluctance to make ... a deal. And this is despite the reality that voters, including most persuadable voters, view the Democrats as absolutely abysmal on the issue of border security. (his emphasis)

Like I said, good stuff. I hope a year from now Teixeira will be reveling in "I warned but you wouldn't listen" schadenfreude. 

My opinion: The essence of politics is compromise. Democrats can't compromise as doing so pollutes their sense of immaculate moral superiority, their tenuous hold on whatever replaced sainthood for nonbelievers.