Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Why These Bases?

Fox News keeps reporting that our bases in Iraq, Syria are being attacked by local forces. The latest here claims 90 such attacks "since Oct. 17." I have two questions Fox isn't answering, and should.

What are all these bases doing in these locations? Are the U.S. troops and planes out hunting Islamic militants, the rag-tag remnants of ISIS, as claimed? Or are they just sitting there propping up Kurdish fighters and keeping an eye on the Russians? 

If the GIs are out shooting bad guys, I'd expect their positions to be attacked. When you go into "Indian country" with weapons, you expect to be attacked and you shoot back.

If they are not actively engaged, why are they there at all? Intelligence listening posts? Liaison with the Kurds? I hope they aren't attempting "nation building" as we are truly inept at that task, our last success being South Korea 70 years ago.

A close reading of the article implies that the groups doing the shooting at GIs aren't those the GIs are shooting at, but others sympathetic to the Iraqi government, basically Hamas and Hezbollah equivalents. Maybe those groups should be added to the "kill list."