Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas, One and All

The DrsC wish all who read this a Merry Christmas. Our winter haven 55+ community has emptied out as most have gone to spend the holiday with their children and grandchildren. For a few days our neighborhood will resemble a ghost town.

Our own family holiday gathering will be in mid-January, not because there is anything in particular we celebrate then. That was the earliest we could get our calendars aligned so we could all be in one place at one time. 

So we will “rattle around” in our temporarily deserted corner of the desert for a few days. Then we’ll leave to see family after the neighbors have all returned. 


This will be the first January we haven’t spent in an RV in coastal California just north of Santa Barbara maybe since 2004, if memory serves. Quite a few years we were there for 2 months. 

For over a decade we lived in three different towns during the year. We will miss Santa Ynez and Lake Cachuma.

As noted earlier, the RV is no more. After 51 years of RVing all over North America, it was time to admit we no longer have the physical agility and stamina it requires. It was a great adventure, so much fun, such amazing memories. 

I find myself thinking about replicant Roy Batty’s dying monologue from the original Blade Runner film, as he reflects on his experiences.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain...

You’ll notice I’ve omitted his last three words. Batty concludes “Time to die,” I hope to postpone that last one-way voyage for several years.