Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Chilean Update

Writing for Compact magazine, Rojas and Shullenberger do a relatively balanced and comprehensive survey of Chilean politics and economics in the post-Allende era. Presumably, what moved them to write it was the failure to adopt the second constitutional revision attempted in four years.

This leaves in place the 1980 Pinochet constitution, with all the negative baggage that association has for some on the left. President Boric indicated there will not be a third effort to rewrite the document anytime soon.

The authors finish on a pessimistic note, based on their view of Chile as being resource based and thus subject to the demand fluctuations of the market. This view may be too pessimistic. While the price of copper is still an issue, post-Allende Chile has been a leader in Latin American economic progress. 

Editorial note: For those with an interest in Latin American affairs generally, Compact looks like a good source although its purview is broader than south-of-the-border.