Thursday, December 28, 2023

About 2024

In so many ways, the 2024 presidential election will be an outlier. Most elections where one candidate is an incumbent feature a known quantity vs. a challenger who has to convince voters he or she can do it better.

2024 will likely feature two “incumbents,” two candidates who have the benefit of being a known quantity as president. So the question for voters becomes, which of these two have you liked better in office? Who did a better job for you? 

All the polling suggests Trump wins that contest handily. And that’s before people consider Biden’s frequently displayed frailty, mental lapses, falling, and near-constant vacations.

OTOH, they know with Trump they will have to tolerate his bombast, his ego, his posturing, and yes, his mean tweets or X posts. Mostly people shrug it off like they did with Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali, viewing it as trash talking show biz shtick.

Trump-as-dictator will be a tough sell, since he was nothing of the sort before.