Wednesday, December 27, 2023

When It Suits Them ....

John Hinderaker of Power Line posts a discussion of the 1862 massacre of 600 whites, mostly women and children, by the Dakota Indians in his state of Minnesota. Some 38 Indians were hanged for this slaughter. Liberals complain about the hangings, not the slaughter. He concludes with this comment.

It is no coincidence that the same people who sugar coat the murderers and rapists of 1862 also justify the Gazan atrocities of October 7–although, to be fair, in both cases they don’t so much sugar coat or justify those atrocities, as ignore them completely. Because liberals are OK with mass murder and gang rape when it suits their political agenda. (emphasis added)

It's not that I particularly disagree with his analysis, but imagine the state of our society when he can write that final sentence as a throwaway aside because he knows it is a truism among his conservative audience. 

I don't read a lot of liberal media but I'm sure their view of us is similarly awful. Each side believes the other is human garbage, in an ideal world deserving of capital punishment followed by composting in a landfill.

With this level of division, it gets harder and harder to believe in a future where these 50 states remain united. I'll bet the late 1850s felt like this.