Monday, December 11, 2023

The Cure Feels Worse Than the Problem

The New York Post reports New York's senators Schumer (Majority Leader) and Gillibrand and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader (D-NY) plus Governor Hochul have all stiffed NYC Mayor Adams on his request for state or federal money for immigrant welfare. I don't blame them.

None of them made the decision that New York City should have an "sanctuary city/immigrant asylum" policy where all are welcomed and cared for. Blame the pols at City Hall. To be sure, those pols didn't expect the tsunami of illegals descending upon them, but perhaps they should have.

If New York City announced tomorrow asylum was over and they would immediately begin collaborating with federal immigration officials to deport illegals caught in crime and stop coddling immigrants, the flow would decline precipitously and many of those there now might leave.

For people hooked on virtue signaling ending asylum would feel awful, so they won't do it. They know what they want and fate, or fate's agent Murphy, is giving it to them good and hard. 

New Yorkers ... it couldn't happen to a less sympathetic bunch.