Sunday, December 3, 2023

Our Pinochet?

Writing for the Washington Post, and weirdly out from behind their paywall, Robert Kagan writes a long opinion piece on why the probabilities are great that Donald J. Trump will be America’s Augusto Pinochet (see above). Kagan imagines that all the tipping points go Trump’s way, which is possible but hasn’t been the case so far. 

What Kagan leaves out is that, at 78, Trump is unlikely to live long enough to enjoy it. Plus I don’t see Trump having the steely self-discipline necessary to pull it off, he is more self-indulgent.

Truly, if you want to read the plot for a novel of how the U.S. gets, and somewhat enjoys, Trump as dictator, Kagan has laid one out. Will it play out as he imagines? Probably not. We’ll see what unfolds.